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This site lists airplane crashes that have happened within Winnipeg city limits.

Back in 2002 I was waiting for a bus at Logan and McPhillips, transferring buses on my way to work. The Arlington/Sinclair bus arrived, and deposited me at work no more than four minutes later. As I crossed the street a fire truck sped by in the other direction with lights flashing and siren blaring.

An aircraft had just crashed at Logan and McPhillips.

There had been a couple other recent crashes in the city. After two more in 2005, I started compiling this list. 

I now have a steady stream of aircraft passing low overhead, on the approach to runway 36.

Winnipeg Only

I leave out crashes near or even just outside the present day borders of the city.  There are just too many.

Many crashes during WWII and before are listed as "at Winnipeg".  While most crashes occur during takeoff and landing, I'll avoid listing these as *in* Winnipeg, in the list to the left, without some other confirmation.  They do however show up in the master list.

Major Incidents Only

I leave out minor incidents (runway excursions and uncommanded gear retractions, etc. ) at the airport itself, unless it results in the destruction of the aircraft.  Also hot air balloons landing on streets or other unusual places. 

For military crashes where little description is given, I list crashes with RCAF Category A ("The aircraft is destroyed, declared missing or damaged beyond economical repair") and Category B ("The aircraft must be shipped, not flown under its own power, to a contractor or depot level facility for repair.") damage, but not Category C or Category D damage.

Work In Progress

The more I look, the more crashes I find.  Those that I've confirmed as being within city limits, are listed on the left.  These, along with ones I'm not so sure about, are in the master list.  I have a few more that I haven't written up yet.

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